Top 10 Benefits of Wearing Hessonite Garnet (Gomed) Gemstone

Do you know that the Hessonite(Gomed) gemstone is famous for its different magical and healing powers? Indeed, it is. If you want to know about all the magical powers of Hessonite gemstone then read this complete article. In this article we will shed light on the Benefits of wearing Hessonite Garnet (Gomed) Gemstone.

To start with, you need to know that this gemstone belongs to Rahu. This powerful planet can destroy the life of a native if its place on the birth chart is not positive. In Hindu mythology, each day has 90 minutes known as ‘Rahu-Kaal’ which consider as the most inauspicious time to do any deed.

However, as every problem comes with a solution, this one does too. A Gemstone called ‘Hessonite’, ‘Garnet’, or ‘Gomed’ (in Hindi) is the ultimate remedy to the troubles caused by Rahu. This honey-colored stone guards the wearer against negative vibes. Along with this preliminary advantage, there are several other significant benefits of Wearing Hessonite Gemstone which contribute to its popularity.

1. It Brings Clarity and Confidence.

Rahu generally causes immense restlessness, confusion, and low self-confidence in the life of the affected. This Hessonite stone brings calmness, clarity of thought, and boosts the self-confidence of the wearer.

This surely stands first in the Rahu stone benefits list as overcoming depression and improved concentration for achieving goals can drastically change a person’s life.

2. Eliminates Illness & Brings Fitness.

The Second Benefits of Wearing Hessonite Garnet (Gomed) Gemstone is that it help in treating illnesses like: Eye infection, Epilepsy (मिरगी), Hemorrhoids (बवासीर), Intestinal issues, fatigue, and blood cancer is one of the health benefits of Gomed.

The strength and liveliness of the wearer are maintained as the stone helps reduce the gastric and metabolism disorders. Wearing Natural Hessonite Stone is also useful in curing the so-called incurable diseases like Cancer, Psoriasis (Dry red patches on the skin), Leprosy (chronic communicable disease), etc.

3. Bring Love Between Couples.

The Gomed stone benefits for Couples. Is already proved as it helps in building a trustful and everlasting bond among Husband-Wife & Lovers. Vedic experts believe that both should wear this stone to ensure peace, loyalty, and undying love in their relationship.

4. Relief from Kaal Sarpa Dosha Factor.

The most unique point in Hessonite stone benefits is that it is an invaluable asset to protect from the dreadful effects of Kaal Sarpa Dosha (the curse of snakes).

This dasha is formed when all the other 7 planets are situated between Rahu and Ketu and make the individual prone to snake bites, fear of snakes, or fear of high and lonely places. Wearing Hessonite Garnet benefits the individual by providing quick and astonishing relief from the Kaal Sarpa Dosha and its aftermaths.

5. Benefits to Professionals & Leaders.

Gomed is believed to be a success charm for the  Politicians, Government Employ, Lawyers, Etc. This is because it is believed that this stone enhances the individual’s public speaking abilities and enables to influence of large crowds.

Other Professionals that can get the benefits of wearing Gomed stone include professionals working in the Electronics and IT sector.

Businessman will also get a lot of Benefits of wearing Hessonite (Gomed) Stone, as it will help them to improve there Communication with there customers.

6. Improve Someone’s Bad Life.

The negative effects of Rahu can drive a person to an ill life full of spoiled relationships and ailments due to excessive use of drugs and intoxicants. As one of the health benefits of Gomed, the stone can help the individual in recovering from this bad phase and jumping to the bright side of life.

7. Build Social & Financial Stability.

If you are finding it difficult to get your social status, professional prestige, & blocked monetary benefits back in your life, then wearing the Hessonite can be a great idea.

It is one of the proven Rahu stone benefits, that the wearer is never get short of a respected and always lives a comfortable life.

8. It Improve the Bond with Family & Friends.

The Hessonite Garnet gemstone is believed to improve the bond and understanding between you and your loved ones. It brings peace and harmony by reducing unnecessary fights and misunderstandings. This gemstone helps an individual in seeking the real joy of life.

9. Strengthen your Intuitive Powers.

The Hessonite gemstone is believed to energize the Sahasrara Chakra or Crown Chakra in the life of its wearer. Sahasrara is very powerful and also believed as the origin of all other chakras.

Thus, the spiritual benefit of Gomed helps the individual to recognize his/her originality, unexplored wisdom, and intuitive powers.

10. The Five Fruits of Life.

This stone brings the complete purpose to one’s life and can be rightly consider as the most superior among the Gomed stone benefits. The wearer gathers the calmness of meditation (Dhyana), the joy of prosperity (Artha), knowledge of righteous living (Dharma), the necessary pleasures of the body (Kama), and the ultimate cheerful salvation (Moksha).


Apart from the above ten, some of the other benefits of Hessonite gemstone are it helps the wearer to emerging victorious against enemies & competitors and surviving the thwart of black magic. Be Sure that you should wear an Original & Natural Hessonite Gemstone only as there are many fake hessonite stones are available which will not give you any of the benefit. You can also Buy Hessonite Online from our Store or Contact us at +91-98284-18618.

Note: Rahu is not liked by the Sun, Mars, or Jupiter. So, wearing this stone in gold is not a great idea. Make sure that this stone to wear in a silver ring. Also, you should take suggestions from an expert astrologer before wearing a Gomed Stone. This is because the results after wearing this stone depend upon the Rahu situation in your birth chart and it do not give same results to everyone.

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