Zambian Emerald (Panna) Gemstone – Premium Plus Quality – 3 Ratti to 21.25 Ratti with Lab Report & Guarantee Certificate!

Natural Zambian Emerald with Lab Certificate and Guarantee Certificate.

100% Lifetime Guarantee of Original.

This is 3rd Quality of Emerald Stone. 2000/- Per Ratti. For Superior Quality Contact Us.

For more info Contact us on +91-98284-18618

2000 per Ratti

Want to buy an Original Emerald stone? So we are the wholesaler and provide you 100% Original & Natural Zambian Emerald Stone with Lab Certificate Certificates & Guarantee Certificate.

Benefits of Emerald Gemstone

  • Emerald Gemstone for Wisdom & Intellect: According to Astrology Green Emerald (Panna) Gemstone represents planet Mercury (Budh) and Planet Mercury Rules Intellect. By Wearing an Original Emerald Stone it improves Intellectual Qualities & Gaining Wisdom. Emerald Gemstone is best suitable for all the Scholars to improve their efficiency and help students to score well in competitive exams.
  • For Success in Creative Fields: As per Astrology, Emerald (Panna) Gemstone helps to Develop the Creative mind & increase the Imagination power of the wearer. It gives a lot of benefits by increasing Innovative skills. Therefore, Emerald Gemstone is Highly Recommended to artists, writers, PRs, and media representatives, etc.
  • Promotes Financial Growth: The Main Reason for Wearing Emerald Gemstone is that This is a Gemstone which will help you to Grow the Business, Generate a good Profit, Gain Better Income Opportunities, Growth in Finance, And also helps the wearer to touch the peak of success. So, Astrologer Mostly Recommended this Emerald Gemstone who is Trading in Share Marketing, Travel Agency, a profession of banking, finance, Docter, or any other Business. People in the field of research & IT sector should wear this Gemstone to get opportunities in there life.
  • Emerald for Communication: Another most Important Benefit of wearing Emerald Gemstone is improving your communication skills. Panna Gemstone is also known as the “Vaani Karka” means “Significator of Speech”. This Energy of Emerald Gemstone will benefit the wearer in gaining confidence and better expression skills in front of anyone. It will give a lot of benefits to the people who are working on communication. Like:- Media, Sales Agent, Docter, Businessman, or any other Mass Communication-related roles.
  • Improves Physical Health: Emerald is also a famous Gemstone for its healing therapies. As wearing the Original & Natural Emerald Gemstone will work as the treatment of the major disease related to:- Kidney, Abdomen, Heart, and Brain. It also benefits the people who are suffering from Eye or Skin Related Problems. This Gemstone will also help to decrease the stress level of any Person.
  • Emerald for Relationship: Emerald Gemstone is best for them who are facing problems in Stressful relationships by filling the Relationship with Love & Care. This Gemstone will help to develop a mutual understanding between the couples and generates Positive thoughts for each other.
  • Emeralds can Make Famous: From the History of the Gemstone, Emerald is considered as the royal gemstone. It is worn by famous Kings & Queens, as Mercury planet is directly Associated with “Name & Fame”. So, If the Planet Mercury is Placed at a good position in the Birth Chart then very soon that person will get Name & Fame with Bright future.

Why to Buy Gemstones From Us?

There are Five Main Reasons to buy any Gemstones from Us “SIDDHI VINAYAK GEMS & JEWELLERS”:-

  • We are Only Dealing in All Original Gemstone, So if you buy any Gemstone from Us. It will be 100% Original.
  • We will Provide you Proper Laboratory Certificate of Each and Every Gemstone which you Buy from Us.
  • We will also Provide you Guarantee Certificate which Indicates that the Gemstone you have Purchase is 100% Original & Natural.
  • Also, Give you a Sample of Duplicate Emerald Along with Original Zambian Emerald Gemstone. So that you can identify the difference between them.
  • We will Give you Selected Piece of the Natural Zambian Emerald Gemstone. So that you will get the Real Value of money that you spend.

In Which Metal You Should Wear Original Emerald Gemstone

To get the Best Results you should wear this Gemstone in Silver Metal or you can also wear it in Gold.

Who will Make the Ring or Locket of Emerald Gemstone?

We are having the Special Team of Experienced Worker for Making Rings, Locket & Bracelet of all these Gemstones.

Any ring or locket made by our worker is with special equipment for full finishing of Ring & Locket and proper fitting of the gemstone.

1) For Purification and Activation of Zambian Emerald Gemstone: Firstly Dip the Emerald Gemstone Ring or Locket in Gangajal or Un-boiled milk for 10- 20 min, So that all the negativity is washed away from it. Then Chant the mantra for 21, 51, or 108 times. (Mantra We will Provide you along with the Product)

2) How much Weight of Emerald Stone I wear: According to your Age, the weight of Emerald Gemstone is Recommended (In Ratti). If you want to know how much Ratti Emerald(Panna) Gemstone is Best for you, Contact Us:- +91-98284-18618.

3) Which Finger To Wear Emerald Gemstone: To get best result you should wear Emerald Gemstone ring in the little finger of the right-hand in Gold or Silver Metal.

4)Day and Time to wear Emerald Stone: We will provide you with this product.

5) WHOLESALE: Here, all the Variety of Each types of Gemstones are available & We Supply Gemstone at WHOLESALE RATE. Please contact us for Bulk Orders.


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!!!Buy Genuine Fine Quality Direct from Wholesaler!!! We Wholesaler provide all Real, Genuine, and Natural Gemstones (Birthstones) that comes along with an Authorized Lab Certificate and with a Guarantee Card. We do not process cheap stones that hold no importance while wearing for astrological meaning. Contact No. +91-98284-18618.


Gemstone Quality

This is 3rd Quality of Emerald Gemstone which is Rs.2000/- Per Ratti. There are also many superior quality in Emerald Gemstone according to its Color, Clarity & Luster. For More Information you can Contact Us. We will Share you different quality Emerald Picks and there price with you on What’s App.

M:- +91-98284-18618

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