South Sea Pearl (Moti) Stone – Luxury Quality – 3 Ratti to 21.50 Ratti with Lab Report & Guarantee Certificate

Natural South Sea Pearl (Moti) with Lab Certificate and Guarantee Certificate.

100% Lifetime Guarantee of Original

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1250 per Ratti

Importance of White South Sea Pearl

Pearl Stone is probably the most-worn Gemstone in the World. Are you aware of the ruling heavenly body, properties, and benefits of a South Sea Pearl? You can buy online Pearl Gemstone after understanding its properties and benefits from here.

Moon is the ruling body of Pearl Stone and that is significant from its popular white color. Hence, Pearl brings the serenity of the Moon in the life of its wearer. In Hindi, it is known as Moti and this is the pearl which is also known as Sucha Moti.


  • Pearl Gemstone brings the charm, steady mind, motherly-love, and beauty in the life of the wearer.
  • Any Individuals suffering from anger issues, depression, and instability are advised to wear original pearl gemstone.
  • Wearing Pearl is very beneficial for children facing frequent health issues.
  • An original Pearl boosts the self-confidence of the wearer & hence it is recommended for public speakers, therapists, psychologists, etc.
  • Pearl Stone helps in curing throat diseases, eye infections, sleep disorders, and problem-related to Digestive System.
  • Wearing Natural Pearl eradicated the fights between married couples and brings back love, peace, and spark in their relationship.
  • Moti stone is also very famous for bring fame, prosperity, & luxuries of life to the wearer.


These are some of the benefits of purchasing South Sea Pearl from Siddhi Vinayak Gems & Jewellers.

  • 100% Natural & Pure White South Sea Pearl without any additional treatment on it so that the gemstone is worth for your money.
  • As in Market People mostly selling Chinese Pearl, We provide a sample of duplicate Chinese Pearl so that you can identify the difference between them & all your doubts are cleared. You can buy online South Sea Pearl gemstone from us.
  • We give Guarantee and Laboratory certificates with all our gemstones as proof of our genuineness.


We have expert teams of specialists who will make extraordinary rings, bracelets, or lockets for your Pearl. With modern machinery and their creativity, the finishing of ornament and fitting of your gemstone will be perfect.

NOTE: Pearl should be wear in silver rings, lockets, or bracelets only. Gold or Panchdhatu is not suitable for Original Pearls. It is to be worn in the little finger of the active hand (right hand for right-handed people and left for left-handed people) on Monday between 10 AM-11 AM during Shukla Paksha (Waxing Moon).

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Product South Sea Pearl
Hindi Name Moti
Weight 3.00 Ratti to 21.50 Ratti
Color White
Ring (Metal) Best in Silver
Ring (Finger) Little Finger


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