Natural Tiger Eye Stone 5 Ratti to 21.25 Ratti with Lab Certificate & Guarantee Certificate! 100% Original & Natural

Natural Tiger’s Eye Stone with Lab Certificate and Guarantee Certificate.

100% Lifetime Guarantee of Original & Natural.

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400 per Ratti

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Importance of Wearing Tiger Eye

Do you know about the Tiger Eye Stone? The name seems frightening, but this stone has plenty of astrological benefits and healing properties. If you wish to know about it and buy Tiger Eye online then read this space completely.

Hence, wearing this gemstone brings the fame and the intelligence to the wearer. This stone has golden and brown strips on it Like Tiger and this is how it got its name Tiger Eye or Tiger Stone. Now, let us shed some light on the benefits of Tiger Eye Stone.


  • Wearing this Tiger stone brings tiger-like courage and self-confidence in an individual. Hence it is advised to shy and timid people.
  • Tiger Eye Stone also brings determination, vitality, and abundant wealth to the wearer.
  • Tiger stone is beneficial for people having their birthdays with numbers 2 or 7.
  • By Wearing Natural Tigers Eye, keeps away evil spirits from the wearer.
  • For children suffering from sleep disorders, impatience, and lack of focus, this Stone is highly advised.
  • An Original Tiger Eye gemstone reduces chronic pains and digestive ailments. It strengthens the spine as it directly activates the ‘Root Chakra.’


  • We provide 100% natural and Pure Tiger Eye Stone with a Guarantee certificate. You can even buy online Tiger stone from us.
  • We give Original Best Quality Tiger’s Eye Stones which worth your money accompanied by a Laboratory certificate.


We have a group of experts who will design the ring or locket for your Tiger Eye stone. The elite combination of their experience and modern machinery will give a classic finish to your chosen enclosure.

NOTE: Silver ring or Locket (Best) is suitable for Tiger Eye stone. It should be dipped overnight in Un-Boiled Milk or Gangajal (water of the sacred Ganga river) to activate it. And should be worn on the ring finger of your correct hand (right hand for right-handed people and left hand for left-handed people) during the sunrise of any Thrusday occurring in Shukla Paksha (Waxing Moon). It is Best to Change the stone after a year to get more best results but if it is not possible for you then you can dip it into Gangajal for full day after every year.

For more Information about Tiger’ Eye Stone or Ring/ Locket of this Stone then you can contact us on our given Mobile no: +91-98284-18618

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Product Tiger’s Eye Stone
Weight 5.00 Ratti to 21.50 Ratti
Color Black, Brown, Golden (Mixed)
Ring (Metal) Best in Silver
Ring (Finger) Ring Finger or (Locket is Best)


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