Irani Turquoise (Feroza) Gemstone – Standard Quality – 5 Ratti to 21.25 Ratti with Lab Certificate & Guarantee Certificate!

Natural Irani Turquoise (Feroza) Stone with Lab Certificate and Guarantee Certificate.

100% Lifetime Guarantee of Original & Natural.

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300 per Ratti

Buy Online Turquoise (Feroza) Stone

Aware of the gemstone that Salman Khan wears in his bracelet? It is the Turquoise stone mined chiefly in Iran. If you wish to buy Turquoise stone online then read this space to get acquainted with the unique properties & astrological benefits of this gemstone.

Turquoise is known as Firoza (in Hindi) and it brings fame, wealth, and unmatched charm to the wearer. Turquoise gemstone is considered as the oldest gemstone known to humans. It is a famous birthstone for December. Now, let us move to the benefits of this stone.


  • It is believed that a Natural Turquoise aligns Heart, Third Eye, & Throat Chakras. Thus stabilizing mood swings & bringing peace of mind to the wearer.
  • Feroza Stone also called the ‘Purity Stone’, it keeps the wearer away from all negative vibes, mishaps, & violence.
  • People working in industries like television, fashion, cinema, clothing, jewelry, etc are benefited by wearing Firoza stone. It also brings success to professors & authors.
  • It helps in curing ailments like asthma, high blood pressure, pollution inflicted diseases, migraines, etc.
  • Turquoise is believed to be an effective gemstone to get rid of drinking problems and drug addiction.
  • An original Turquoise is considered as a perfect gemstone for active travelers as they become less prone to thefts and unwanted accidents.
  • Wearing Natural Turquoise Feroza Stone fills deep understanding and undying love in the bond of married couples.


  • You can buy online Turquoise Firoza stone from us as we provide 100% natural and pure gemstone along with a Guarantee certificate.
  • You will get a Laboratory certificate ensuring the Genuineness of gemstone that you buy from us.


We have expert teams of skilled workmen who will be designing the Ring/ Locket/ Bracelet for your Turquoise gemstone. They have vast experience in making rings, bracelets, & lockets and flawlessly fit gemstone in it.

NOTE: Turquoise Stone should be enclosed in a silver ring, bracelet, or locket. If fitted in a ring it should be worn in index or ring finger of the right hand before sunrise on any Thursday of Shukla Paksha (Waxing Moon). Before wearing, Firoza stone should be kept in a bowl of Ganga Jal (water of the sacred Ganga river) or Unboiled cow’s milk for 10 minutes.

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Product Turquoise (Feroza)
Weight 5.00 Ratti to 21.50 Ratti
Color Sky Blue
Ring (Metal) Best in Silver
Ring (Finger) Index or Ring Finger


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