Ceylon Yellow Sapphire/ Pukhraj Gemstone – Standard Quality – 3.00 Ratti to 10.50 Ratti with Lab Report & Guarantee Certificate !! 100% Original & Natural

Natural Ceylon Yellow Sapphire(Pukhraj) with Lab Certificate and Guarantee Certificate.

100% Lifetime Guarantee of Original

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3500 per Ratti

Are you Looking for Yellow Sapphire Gemstone? If yes, Then you are at the right place to Buy Online Ceylon Yellow Sapphire/ Pukhraj Gemstone Original Certified.

Buy Online Yellow Sapphire/ Pukhraj Gemstone

Do you know about the ruling planet of the Yellow Sapphire and what benefits does it brings to the wearer? Here, we will elaborate on the advantages of wearing the Yellow Sapphire along with the other things to keep in mind Before Buy Online Yellow Sapphire & while wearing it.

Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj (in Hindi) is believed to be the Gemstone of Jupiter. The largest planet of our solar system is known as Guru in Indian mythology. This planet can make the individual suffer from misery, confusion, diseases, etc. Pukhraj is believed to soothe the effects of Guru and bring peace in the life of its wearer.

What are the Benefits of Yellow Sapphire Gemstone?

  • Wearing Original Pukhraj Ratan unlocks ‘Will Chakra’ which can strengthen our immune system to fight infection and allergies, thus keeping us away from diseases.
  • The wearer of Natural Yellow Sapphire Gemstone is blessed with virtues like Creativity, Practical Intelligence, and Uniqueness which give him/her academic success.
  • This Ceylon Yellow Sapphire Gemstone brings peace in the life of married couples and also helps in finding a suitable match for the unmarried ones.
  • Yellow Sapphire proves beneficial for the skills and knowledge of lawyers, traders, businessmen, professors, ministers, authors, etc.
  • A person wearing Original Pukhraj is believed to be financially stable throughout his/her life.
  • Wearing Best Quality Yellow Sapphire unlocks the Solar Plexus and improves the power and concentration of the individual.
  • Wearing Natural Pukhraj can give relief from the troubles of Rahu Maha Dasha and Rahu Antar Dasha.


Answer to your Question why to Buy Online Yellow Sapphire from Siddhi Vinayak Gems & Jewellers?

  • We provide gemstones with perfect shape, cut, and clarity along with a Laboratory Certificate to support our work.
  • A Guarantee Certificate from our side gives you the proof that our stone is 100% Natural and Original so that your worth for money is not compromised.
  • We give a sample of the duplicate gemstone so that you understand the difference between the original and fake Pukhraj.


Buy Online Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) Gemstone Directly in Ring or Locket. We have a skilled team of experts and workmen having tremendous experience in this field to work on it. They have unmatched creativity in making rings, lockets, and bracelets for gemstones.

NOTE: Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj can be studded in gold, copper, or gold-mixed copper rings. It is advisable that if studded into a ring, it should be worn in the index finger only.

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And at Last, We want to give you another Important Information, “Wear any Gemstone after Consulting with Experienced Astrologer as it not gives the same results to all people”. Consult our Astrologer for Free Gemstone Recommendation.




Product Yellow Sapphire
Mines Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
Weight 3.00 Ratti to 10.50 Ratti
Color Yellow
Ring (Metal) Best in Gold, Copper, or Gold Mixed Copper
Ring (Finger) Index Finger


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