Ceylon White Moonstone – Standard Quality – 5 Ratti to 21.25 Ratti with Lab Report & Guarantee Certificate! 100% Original & Natural

Natural Ceylon White Moonstone with Lab Report and Guarantee Certificate.

100% Lifetime Guarantee of Original & Natural.

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300 per Ratti

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If you are excited to know the facts about Moonstone, then this is the right place to be. After getting acquainted with the properties, benefits, and the method of wearing Moonstone, you can even Buy Moonstone online.

This gemstone carries the mystic powers of the Moon and is considered as a semi-precious gemstone or Substitute of Pearl. In Hindi, this gemstone is known as Chandrakant Stone or Godanti Stone. The difference between a Pearl and Moonstone is that the  Moonstone is transparent and mostly oval. The Natural Moonstone is of two types one is Blue Moonstone which is white with a blue patch in its interior and other is White Moonstone which is purely white in colour. Now, let us understand the benefits of this stone.

What are the Benefits of Wearing Ceylon Moonstone:

  • Moon Stone founds in the mines of many countries, But the mines of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) is the best and famous mines of Moon Stone as Ceylon Moonstone is Very Effective.
  • Wearing Moonstone is excellent for people suffering from emotional imbalance.
  • Being a stone governed by the Moon, an original Moonstone provides calmness and serenity by eliminating overanxiety and depression.
  • Wearing Best Quality Moonstone eases the pain of women during menstruation and childbirth.
  • People suffering from frequent nose bleeds and sunstrokes should wear this Ceylon Moon Stone.
  • Keeping this gemstone beneath your pillow can help you to get a sound and healthy sleep.
  • Moonstone is also called as “The Lovers Gemstone” as it helps an individual to find his/her true love.
  • The Yin energy present in this stone controls unnecessary aggression and anger in men.


  • You can buy Ceylon Moonstone online from us Siddhi Vinayak Gems & Jewellers.
  • We provide 100% Natural and Original Ceylon Mines Moonstone with a Guarantee certificate for the same.
  • Laboratory Certificate will be provided to you with each gemstone assuring the quality and genuineness of the same.
  • We provide you with a sample of duplicate Moonstone so that you can examine the difference between genuine and fake gemstone.


We have expert workmen having vast experience in making rings, bracelets, and lockets for gemstones. With modern tools in their hands, they will craft rings with elegant finishing for your Moonstone.

NOTE: Moonstone should be wear in a silver ring or pendant only. Before wearing, put 2-3 drops of Gangajal on your Ring / Pendant. On any Monday morning during Shukla Paksha (Waxing Moon), it should be worn in the little finger of your right hand.

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Product White Moonstone
Mines Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
Weight 5.00 Ratti to 21.25 Ratti
Color White
Ring (Metal) Best in Silver
Ring (Finger) Little Finger


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