Capsule Italian Coral/ Munga 3.00 – 12.25 Ratti with Lab Certificate & Guarantee Certificate

Natural Italian Coral (Munga) Gemstone with Lab Certificate and Guarantee Certificate.

100% Lifetime Guarantee of Original

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1200 per Ratti

Importance of Red Coral Gemstone

As the name, Red Coral attracts us all. But do you know what are the benefits of wearing this Gemstone? Here, we will discuss the changes this Italian Coral Gemstone can bring to your life.

The gemstone called Red Coral or Lal Moonga (in Hindi) is believed to be ruled by the planet Mars or Mangal Graha (in Indian mythology). A negative place of Mars in the birth chart can bring incurable diseases, lack of clarity, and financial instability. This gemstone leads the wearer into a new and improved way of life with increased energy and boosted confidence. Before Buy Red Coral Online Let us understand the Benefits of Red Coral in brief.

What are the Benefits of Red Italian Coral Gemstone?

  • Wearing a Best Quality Red Coral can reduce the negativity of Mangal Dosha (leads to difficulty in getting married) and helps in finding a suitable partner for the individual.
  • This Italian Coral Gemstone can help an individual to emerge victorious over enemies or competitors due to the warfare capabilities of Mars.
  • Munga Stone is beneficial for soldiers, doctors, surgeons, scientists, detectives, weapon manufacturers, electricians, etc.
  • Lal Moonga Stone helps an individual to get over the burden of debt with success in his/her career endeavors.
  • Natural Red Coral helps to cure acne, boils, eruptions on the face, and skin rashes and instantly heal cuts, wounds, and bruises.
  • Wearing Best Quality Red Coral brings peace and calmness in the life of the affected along with self-confidence and clarity of thought.
  • Famous Red Coral Gemstone brings back the love, trust, and spark in the life of unhappy couples.


These are Some Reasons to Buy Online Italian Red Coral Gemstone from Siddhi Vinayak Gems & Jewellers.

  • We will provide Best Quality Italian Red Coral and give a proof of our Genuine product with a Laboratory Certificate that accompanies every gemstone you purchase from us.
  • We state that our stones are 100% Natural and Original (without any additional treatment) and provide our Company Guarantee Certificate for the same.
  • Also, give you a Sample of duplicate gemstone so that you can spot the difference between Genuine and fake Coral.
  • Wear any Gemstone After Proper Consultation. If you Want to Consult Our Experienced Astrologer for Free Gemstone Recommendation, Then Contact Us at +91-98284-18618

Our Expert Team Form Making Rings & Locket:

You also have an option to Buy Online Red Italian Coral Gemstone DIrectly in Ring or Locket. Your Ornament (Ring, Locket, or Bracelet) will be designed by our team of experts who have a vast experience of fitting gemstones in rings, lockets, or bracelets. The fitting and finishing of your ring or locket with Red Coral will surely please you.

NOTE: Red Coral can be wear in a gold ring or locket. It can be worn on a Tuesday morning in a ring finger after proper consultation with a Vedic expert. For many individuals, this gemstone shows fast results if worn with a Rudraksha & Pearl.

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Product Coral
Origin Italy (Italian)
Shape Capsule
Weight 3.00 Ratti to 12.25 Ratti
Color Red
Ring (Metal) Best in Gold, Copper, or Gold Mixed Copper
Ring (Finger) Ring Finger


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