Burma Ruby (Manik) – Premium Quality -3 Ratti to 21.25 Ratti with Lab Certificate & Guarantee Certificate!

Natural Burma Ruby Gemstone with Lab Certificate and Guarantee Certificate.

Lifetime Guarantee of Original.

This is 2nd Quality of Ruby Gemstone. 1250/- Per Ratti. For Superior Quality Ruby Stone you can Contact Us.

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1250 per Ratti

Are you Searching to Buy Burma Ruby Gemstone !! Then You are at the Right Place. We are the Wholesaler & Provide all the  Original & Natural Gemstone with Lab Certificate & Guarantee Certificate.

Benefits of Wearing Burma Ruby Gemstone?

  • Ruby Gemstone which is also known as “Manik” is a very famous Gemstone of Planet Sun. By Wearing Ruby Gemstone a Person will get results from Sun.
  • It also helps to improve the Self-Image of any Person and help him/ her to get more Respect in the Society.
  • If a Person wears Natural Ruby Gemstone, then he/she will get more favors from the administration, authority, and government.
  • Ruby is a famous Gemstone to overcome any type of emotional and mental Situations in Life
  • It is also Recommended to that Person who wants high stature and financial gains in there Life, As after wearing Ruby Gemstone a person will enjoy all the Luxury Comfort in his/her life.
  • Ruby Gemstone is also known as a “key” to success. So if any Struggling Person is not being able to set up goals & every planning is getting failed in his/her life, Then he/she should wear this Gemstone which helps you to focus on your Goal & to stay on your chosen path.
  • If the Placement of Sun is Weak in anyone’s Birth Chart, So it will bring illnesses in his/her life such as unstable mind, lack of confidence, blood circulation problems, rheumatic problems, eye problems, bone-related problems, etc… The Solution of all these entire Problems is wearing an Original Unheated Ruby Gemstone.

Why to Buy Gemstones From Us?

There are Five Main Reasons to buy any Gemstones from Us SIDDHI VINAYAK GEMS & JEWELLERS:-

  • We are Only Dealing in All Original Gemstone, So if you buy any Gemstone from Us. It will be 100% Original.
  • We will Provide you Proper Laboratory Certificate of Each and Every Gemstone which you Buy from Us.
  • We will also Provide you Guarantee Certificate which Indicates that the Gemstone you have Purchase is 100% Original & Natural.
  • Also, Give you a Sample of Duplicate Ruby Along with Original Ruby Gemstone. So that you can identify the difference between them.
  • We will Give you Selected Piece of the Natural Burma Ruby Gemstone. So that you will get the Value of money that you spend.

In Which Metal You Should Wear Natural Burma Ruby Gemstone?

To get the Best Results you should wear this Gemstone in Gold, Copper or Gold Mixed Copper Metal.

Who will Make the Ring or Locket of Ruby Gemstone?

We are having the Special Team of Experienced Worker for Making Rings, Locket & Bracelet of these Gemstones.

Any ring or locket made by our worker is with special equipment for full finishing of Ring & Locket and proper fitting of the gemstone.

1) For Purification & Activation of Ruby Gemstone: Firstly Dip the Ruby Gemstone Ring or Locket in Unboiled Milk or Gangajal, So that all the negativity is washed away from it. Then Pray to the God Sun by Chanting mantra for 21, 51 or 108 times. (Mantra We will Provide you along with the Product)

2) How much Weight of Ruby Stone I Wear: According to your Age, the weight of Ruby Gemstone is Recommended (In Ratti). If you want to know how much Ratti Ruby Gemstone is Best for you, Contact Us:- +91-98284-18618.

3) Which Finger to wear Ruby Gemstone: Wear Natural Ruby Gemstone or Manik Ratna Ring in the Ring Finger of the Working Hand in Gold, Copper, or Gold Mixed Copper Metal.

4) Day and Time to wear Ruby Gemstone: We will provide you with this product.


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!!!Buy Only Genuine Fine Quality Gemstones Directly from Wholesaler!!! We Wholesaler provide all Real, Genuine and Natural Gemstones (Birthstones) that comes along with an Authorized Lab Report and with a Guarantee Certificate. We do not sell any cheap stones that hold no importance after wearing for astrological meaning. Contact No. +91-98284-18618.


Gemstone Quality

This is 2nd Quality of Ruby Gemstone which is Rs.1250/- Per Ratti. There are also many superior quality in Ruby Gemstone according to its Color, Clarity & Luster. For More Information you can Contact Us. We will Share you different quality Ruby Stone Picks and there price with you on What’s App.

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