Amethyst (Katela / Jamuniya) Stone – Premium Quality – 5 Ratti to 21.25 Ratti with Lab Report & Guarantee Certificate

Natural Amethyst (Katela) Stone with Lab Certificate and Guarantee Certificate.

100% Lifetime Guarantee of Original & Natural.

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600 per Ratti

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Buy Online Amethyst (Katela/ Jamuniya) Stone

Ever heard of the attractive Purple Gemstone called Amethyst? Interested in getting acquainted with its powers and benefits? Well, here we will discuss how to Buy Online Amethyst Stone along with its benefits.

Saturn or Shani (in Indian mythology) is the ruling planet of Amethyst Gemstone. This stone brings abundant wealth and professional success in the life of its wearer. Purple is the true color of this stone as it consists of Silicon Dioxide. Amethyst Stone is transparent and is believed to be the Birthstone of February. This gemstone is called Katela or Jamunia in Hindi. It is used as a substitute for Blue Sapphire (Neelam) Gemstone. Now, let us take a look at the benefits that Amethyst provides us.

What are the Important Benefits of Natural Amethyst Katela Stone?

  • One of the most important benefit and the main reason of wearing Amethyst Stone is the wearer can overcome alcohol addiction to a great extent.
  • This Amethyst Stone directly impacting the ‘Crown Chakra’, and gives high knowledge, concentration powers, & spiritual realization to the wearer.
  • Wearing Natural Amethyst Gemstone balances mood swings, eradicate anger, treats anxiety, and dissolves negativity & sadness.
  • It is believed that Katela stone helps in curing stomach aches, back pain, skin diseases, cellular disorders, respiratory tract issues, problems of digestive and immune systems, cancer, etc.
  • Amethyst balances metabolism and efficiently burns calories which results in noticeable weight loss.
  • Meditating with Amethyst in hand gives quick relief from personal and professional stress.
  • Wearing Original Amethyst Stone ignites your intuitive powers and common sense, thus enriching your decision-making skills.


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  • We provide 100% original Amethyst and give a Company Guarantee certificate as its proof.
  • Laboratory certificate shows that your gemstone is Original and Natural and does not undergo any additional treatment. You can buy Katela stone online from us.
  • We will give you the best-selected piece of Original Amethyst stone when you Order Amethyst Online from us.


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NOTE: Only silver metal is preferred for Amethyst. It should be worn in the middle finger of the right hand on Saturday of Shukla Paksha (Waxing Moon) for great results.

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Product Amethyst
Hindi Name Katela or Jamunia
Weight 5.00 Ratti to 21.25 Ratti
Color Purple
Ring (Metal) Best in Silver
Ring (Finger) Middle Finger


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